About Us

Domedbazaar is a large supplier which provides various styles of jewelry making supplies with high quality. Our collections, such as charms, pendants, chains, jewelry beads, jewelry findings, accessories, tools, crafts, in raw brass, acetate, acrylic, stainless steel materials.

We are one of Foreign companies which has 10 years experience in E-commerce and in the international trading area. We are proud of being the 40th Top seller shop on Etsy and the Top Seller Shop on Etsy China.

First of all we can follow closely the world fashion trends, then we can produce new fashion items very quickly and we bring together these items with our customers.

Fashion trends, fast work, mass production, high quality...We are aware of customers’ desires. In addition to these desires, we are also aware of the importance of producing healthy products. Because our first priority is making products not harmful for your health. When the unhealthy, cancerogenic products are used, profit will be increased a lot, however it is strictly against to our ethics to do so, thus we make products harmful material free so that you can wear safely. It means we can guarantee best quality for our products.

We want to serve to Domedbazaar members with our valuable teammates and 10 years business experience. So here we are; Domedbazaar.

Now our aim is listing all of our products, that have stocks, and provide you both; our wide product range with %100 customer satisfaction.

Domedbazaar cares for customers. Our service is built on customers’ desires and advices. We made lot of partnership products with our customers’ great ideas and we want to try this system in Domedbazaar too. In this system we will make some options for products. This system will let us know your demandings clearly.

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